AlertPro365 is an enterprise-class solution for Microsoft Managed Services providers tailored to SMB customers. AlertPro 365 monitors clients' connections from their desktop to the cloud.​​

Key AlertPro Features ​​

  1. Reduced time to resolution via drill down analytics
  2. Instant alerts
  3. Automated monitoring and alerting process
  4. Increased Service Level Agreements
  5. White-labeling for Managed Services Providers

AlertPro365 offers the first call quality issue alert for key executives and business leaders.   Notifications and alerts are sent directly to your Network Operations Center for all quality and service-affecting issues. Receive granular, fine-tuned alerts based on criteria you set to tailor your SLAs.

  • The scope of impact (network segment, wireless coverage area, systemwide)
  • ​Physical location
  • VIP users (executives and business leaders)
Active Monitoring
  • Outages or poor performance due to network issues 
  • Continuous QoS tests
  • Network path and DSCP changes
  • Codec tests

Centralized Management
End-to-end visibility across a multi-vendor network ecosystem via a centralized, horizontal view. Easy access to the critical, actionable voice performance information your technical resources need to resolve issues quickly.

Synthetic Testing
A variety of testing options are available, including:
  • stress testing that increases voice/video sessions to determine when quality starts to degrade
  • continuous QoS testing which provides alarm alerts for a QoS threshold breach
  • network trace technology that generates alarms for route path and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) changes
  • codec tests to verify that different codecs are working properly
Interactive Reporting
Access to your own Reporting! Data includes:
  • Quality of Service 
  • MOS Scores / Route Path 
  • Changes / DSCP Changes 
  • Delay / Jitter / Packet Loss 
  • Outages and Abnormalities Emailed to your NOC/Helpdesk in real-time!